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Demos — IT/DevConnections 2014

September 17, 2014

Here are the demos from my sessions at IT/DevConnections 2014:

Thanks to everyone that attended!

Thinktecture IdentityManager beta 1

September 8, 2014

Dominick and I have been quite busy on IdentityServer v3 as well as IdentityManager. We’re making good progress and this post is to announce beta 1 of IdentityManager.

A brief recap of what IdentityManager is all about:

IdentityManager is a tool for developers and/or administrators to manage the identity information for users of their applications. This includes creating users, editing user information (passwords, email, claims, etc.) and deleting users. It provides a modern replacement for the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool that used to be built into Visual Studio.

Some features that IdentityManager provides:

  • A browser based user interface as well as a RESTful API for managing user identity data
  • Allows creating, deleting, and managing user identity data
    • Claims as well as strongly typed properties are supported
  • Allows managing role definitions
  • Special support for MembershipReboot and ASP.NET Identity identity management systems
    • Extensible API to allow for additional identity management systems such as ActiveDirectory, WAAD, LDAP and/or ASP.NET Membership (if you’re interesting in contributing, this would be a great area to help out with!)
  • Designed as OWIN middleware to allow for flexible hosting
  • Security model to authorize local users or users from an external OAuth2 authorization server
  • Open source (BSD3)

Here are some updated screen shots:





Feel free to check out the documentation, the code, and please provide feedback. Thanks.

IT/DevConnections 2014

July 18, 2014

I will be speaking at IT/DevConnections in September, 2014 in Las Vegas. Here is the link to my sessions. They include:

Additionally I will be doing a full day workshop on Identity and Access Control for Modern Applications.

Hope to see you there.


Demos — NDC Oslo, 2014

June 5, 2014

Here is the link for the slides and demos for my session on OWIN and Katana at NDC Oslo, 2014:

Thanks for attending!

Edit: The video is also posted here:


NDC Oslo, 2014

May 25, 2014

I’ll be speaking at NDC in Oslo this June (2014). Dominick and I are also doing a 2-day workshop on security (go figure).

Demos — Software Design & Development Conference

May 22, 2014

Here are the slides and demos from my sessions at SDD 2014 in London.

Thanks to everyone that attended, and thanks to Nick for having me.


Software Design & Development Conference

May 17, 2014

Wow, I forgot to make post on this — sorry!

Next week (week of May 19th, 2014) I’ll be speaking at the Software Design & Development Conference in London. I have several sessions on security and web development. Also, Dominick and I have a day-long post-con workshop on Identity and Access Control. Hope to see you there!